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Tolstogo str., 149, Chernigov, Ukraine tel./fax +38 (0462) 65-16-30, 65-16-31

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    Project-construction enterprise ChernihivBudProekt LTD was based on private entrepreneur Tychina (1999 - the year of giving out the License Gosstroj of Ukraine). It aims to executing project documentation, completing civil, finishing and assembly works, providing, assistance in collecting output information and undergoing examination by experts, authors supervising over executing works in accordance with the requirements of work out documentation.
    The founders of the enterprise are Dmytro Tychina and Ljybov Tychina.
    The director of the enterprise is Dmytro Tychina (born in 1976; higher special education). After graduating he worked as a chief foreman at Chernihiv automobile works, than as a director of Foundry-mechanical works at Cheksil concern. He has been running ChernihivBudProekt since 2003 and now he manages construction and erection works. to continue>>


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Main page :: About :: Photogallery :: Forum (rus)

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